Our business

From agriculture to biomethane

Agrimet works closely with biogas producers that want to embrace sustainability and obtain tangible benefits in the long term. To do so, we offer two concrete options:

  • With a single option, the company purchases biogas and converts production plants using upgraded technology in exchange for the supply of biomethane;
  • Alternatively, Agrimet can also evaluate the purchase of existing biogas plants and convert them for biomethane production.

In both cases, biomethane may then be liquefied, becoming bio-LNG, and further expanding its possible uses as a sustainable fuel.


We provide the necessary capital to convert biogas plants into biomethane production plants, promoting a greener energy future.


Biogas Purchasing Contracts

We purchase biogas from agricultural companies through long-term framework agreements that mitigate volatility in methane gas prices and guarantee prolonged, constant profits over time.


Purchase and Conversion

We assess the purchase of existing biogas plants should an agricultural company decide to cede its property, and we convert them into biomethane plants.

Integrated Agreement on Raw Material Supplies

Together with purchase of the plant, we can assess land leases and/or stipulate contracts to guarantee the supply of agricultural biomass and animal breeding waste in continuity with the existing plant.



Together with our technological partners, we design systems to purify biogas, measure and compress biomethane, and manage connection to the grid.


Our technical office follows all the necessary steps to convert the production plant, whether they related to authorization procedures or taxes, and we also manage annual compliance.


Our Research & Development office supports agricultural entrepreneurs with all the various choices related to the crops and biology of the system.